Our Mission
Variatio means difference or variation in Latin. In photography, time variation inflzuences the light and the sensitivity of an artist when shooting and the how the work is developed. Variatio intends to be a meeting place for photographers, curators, allery owners and admirers of this art who find themselves in contrast between traditional and digital photography, which offers a plethora of input but is sometimes stripped of skill and objectivity.  Variatio hopes to become a 'salon' where, from time to time, artists and fans have the opportunity to talk about their photographs and themselves. In each issue, published every two months, we will carefully select the content. Interviews will be published in the original  language of the author. There will be a balance between text and images giving each element the space it deserves. Collectors, curators  and gallery owners will also showcase works. Variatio will also offer book reviews – current and collector’s items as well as reviews of collectible cameras.  Our goal is to create a truly international community through targeted distribution in bookstores specializing in photography that have been vetted and handled entirely by our staff.  In detail, each issue will feature an interview with a great photographer, published in his native language with an English translation by the author, an interview with a curator from an international photography museum and a news section about photographic projects and features. Variatio will also offer space to art and photography school directors to highlight new talent and trends.  The magazine runs 120 pages with the format of 250 x 315 mm (9.84” x 12.4”), with bodonian binding and only 20% of them are devoted to advertising. Each issue of Variatio will be printed in English and offered in a limited numbered edition of 5,000 copies. As mentioned above, the distribution will taken care of by our staff; the magazine will be delivered to subscribers via trusted international courier service to ensure punctuality and proper handling. The paper used is FSC certified, that means that every tree cut, is replaced by an other one, and the new one can be cut only after 10 years following the same modality. From experience, we understand that collectors know exactly where to find high-quality information and we cannot, and will not, disappoint them.